It's Time

for OUR Med School


East Texas, it's time for our future.

For every student in East Texas who wants more opportunity …
For every patient who deserves greater access to top doctors across the region …
And for every person who dreams of greater possibilities for our community …

We hear you.

It’s time for our students, who dream of careers in medicine, to be able to pursue their passion here at home. It’s time for patients to have greater access to top doctors in our area. It’s time for our communities to experience the economic and health benefits that come from expanding medical education in our community.

At The Health Science Center at UT Tyler, it has always been our mission to advance education, research and healthcare for our region … because we believe in a greater quality of life for all of East Texas. That’s why we intend to launch a new medical school right here. East Texas, it’s time for OUR future. It’s time for OUR med school.

Kirk A. Calhoun, MD. FACS

It's YOUR Med School

“Establishing a medical school in Tyler will exponentially increase the educational, healthcare and economic opportunities for our community. I am excited to see our East Texas region not just get a medical school, but get the medical school we deserve.”

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Barbara Bass Former Mayor of Tyler
Barbara Bass Former Mayor | City of Tyler

“We have such a great opportunity to impact our area by growing our own physicians right here in East Texas. I thank The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler for providing such an impactful solution to our region’s educational and healthcare needs.”

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Elam Swann, Chairman, ETMC Foundation
Elam Swann Chairman, ETMC Foundation

“Bringing a medical school to Tyler is a watershed moment in the history of our community. The positive economic, educational and healthcare impacts of this medical school will surpass that of any single historical event since the oil boom of the 1930s.”     

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Bob Garrett President/CEO Fair Oil Company
Bob Garrett President/CEO | Fair Oil Company

“As the only university medical center in the area, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler has the opportunity with this new potential medical school to increase access to healthcare in Northeast Texas by recruiting and retaining top doctors. I believe the continued work of UTHSCT will help fill those gaps in access.”

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Sen. Robert Nichols, R-Jacksonville
Sen. Robert Nichols State Senator | R-Jacksonville

“The exciting prospect of a medical school at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler would expand research capacity and train even more selfless, high-quality medical professionals. I applaud the leadership of UTHSCT and will do everything I can in the Texas Senate to support this important initiative.”

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Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Tyler
Sen. Bryan Hughes State Senator | R-Tyler

“East Texas would benefit greatly from a medical school. As the only region in the state without one, I will be working hard to help get it done.”

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Rep. Matt Schaefer, R-Tyler
Rep. Matt Schaefer State Representative | R-Tyler

“A medical school in East Texas provides all of us with great hope. I have seen firsthand the need for access to high-quality healthcare in rural East Texas. This announcement gives us the opportunity to enhance our health outcomes while supporting and investing in our region.”

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Rep. Cole Hefner, R-Mount Pleasant
Rep. Cole Hefner State Representative | R-Mount Pleasant

“The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler has long been a leading force in improving and providing access to quality healthcare for East Texas, and the addition of a medical school will greatly increase their ability to achieve positive health outcomes for the region and the great state of Texas.”

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Rep. Keith Bell, R-Forney
Rep. Keith Bell State Representative | R-Forney

“A medical school in East Texas not only will provide greater access to patient care, but will also bring a significant economic impact with increased local revenue and the creation of more jobs.”

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Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Van
Rep. Dan Flynn State Representative | R-Van

“A medical school in Tyler will not only contribute to achieving positive health outcomes for our region, but will also allow future physicians the opportunity to complete their entire education right here in East Texas as we head toward a healthier and bright future for our region.” 

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Rep. Gary VanDeaver, R-New Boston
Rep. Gary VanDeaver State Representative | R-New Boston

“This is an exciting development that will lead to generations of new doctors and expand access to healthcare in our region. East Texas will be well served by the new opportunities this medical school brings, and I look forward to supporting its creation.”

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Rep. Travis Clardy, R-Nacogdoches
Rep. Travis Clardy State Representative | R-Nacogdoches