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UT Health Science Center is improving health and wellness through excellent patient care, comprehensive education, and innovative research. As a university medical center, we are at the cutting edge of healthcare so there’s always something new going on at UT Health. Learn about what we do, and then visit our campus to see why healing just feels better here.

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For the Media

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John Moore / Director of Communications and Media Relations / (903) 877-7079

John serves reporters, the public, and his coworkers. His role at UT Health Science Center is to help those in the news media better tell the stories involving our physicians, clinicians and other employees that take place daily at our campus.

Dexter Jones / Director, Community Relations / (903) 877-7075

Dexter is the eyes and ears of UT Health. He knows everyone and everyone knows him. That’s what 30 years of service will do. In his role as Special Events Coordinator, Dexter is always eager to promote the people and services at UT Health.

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Our Media Services team can help you identify expert sources in patient care, research, and education for your story. We can also supply photos of our physicians. Please contact our media specialists at (903) 877-7075 to schedule an interview at UT Health.

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UT Health is a university medical center and is part of the University of Texas System. Health institutions within the UT System include UT Health Science Center, UT Southwestern Medical Center, UT Medical Branch at Galveston, UT Health Science Center at Houston, UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, and UT MD Anderson Cancer Center.

UT Health is not part of UT Tyler; however, our University Health Clinic is on the campus of UT Tyler.

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The Public Affairs staff members take pride in responding to media requests in a timely manner and do their best to accommodate all relevant requests. All media requests must go through the Office of Public Affairs.

Advance notice is required for on-site media interviews and interviews with UT Health employees. This also enables Public Affairs staff to arrange interviews with experts, and/or obtain appropriate patient permission if necessary.

To ensure confidentiality, privacy, and appropriate sensitivity to patients and families, members of the news media, including photographers and video crews, must be escorted by a Media Specialist while visiting UT Health.

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To protect our patient’s privacy, it is mandatory that members of the media be accompanied by one of our Media Specialists while visiting our campus. A patient consent form must be signed prior to interviewing, photographing, or videotaping patients at UT Health.

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No patient information other than a one-word description of a patient’s condition may be released to the media, in accordance with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). A patient name is required for this information to be released.

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Our Media Specialists can give you directions to UT Health and specify where to park. See where UT Health is located.